Saturday, August 30, 2014


I tried out "freelensing" today for the first time. I first heard of it years ago, from a guy I used to follow on flickr who used the technique to take these incredibly gorgeous dreamy photos. But I was always too freaked out by the thought of dust or whatever possibly getting inside the camera that I was too scared to try it. Today I saw someone mention freelensing again and finally screwed up the courage to give it a go... and oh my. It's tricky and will take practice to get decent at it, but I'm kinda loving the effect, including the unexpected color cast and fading caused by light leaks from moving the lens around. 

FYI the first and last photo are SOOC. With the others I did a little light editing (like the b&w conversion), most of the "look" of these is the freelensing effect. I used my sigma 50mm lens. 

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