Friday, July 04, 2014

grace in small things #10

The past couple weeks have been brutal. Between moving and mourning (and parenting kids who are also a mess from dealing with all the change), I've been hit by a mental and physical exhaustion that I don't remember feeling since the days when Q was a baby and I was subsisting on no sleep. I feel overwhelmed by life.

But, amid all that, I also recognize that there is so much good happening right now. I'm trying to focus on that. In that spirit, I'm gonna pick back up with the gratitude posts:

  • We landed in CA on Monday night, and got to finally check out our new home. It is quirky but cute and spacious, and the outside is surrounded by gorgeous flowering bushes, and the neighbors upstairs and nextdoor have kids who seem pretty nice, and here's hoping this place can work for us for at least a few years.
  • Unpacking has gone incredibly smoothly so far. I feel somewhat conflicted about the boys having so much unregulated screentime, but it has meant being able to get the house about 75% set up in just a few days. This would have been impossible for any of our past several moves, when the kids were younger.  
  • After several days of endless discussions and debates, we now have a Prius C which is pretty darn exciting. The boys love it, too. 
  • I just discovered that we have a camera shop (that does film developing) and a Borrow Lenses pick-up location each within about a 10min drive from our house. Yay.
  • We've met up with a couple old friends in the area already. Our neighborhood may be completely new to us, but it is really nice to already have friends who will offer to watch your kids or invite you over for BBQs.

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