Tuesday, June 05, 2012

And then I signed up for yet another blog

Soon after the Tuck ASW, I saw a posting on the Tuck Class of 2014 FB page asking for people to write guest posts about ASW for the Tuck Admissions blog. I volunteered to write something up from the perspective of a TP (Tuck Partner, aka significant other of a student attending Tuck, I'll likely be using that term a lot from now on).  They gladly accepted my offer, and so I did.

Then a week or two ago I got a follow-up email asking about contributing bloggers.  They seemed particularly interested in my perspective, since most of the writers for the site are (a) male (b) students.  Since I have such ample time for blogging, I accepted and long story short I just published my first post. Wheee!

I realize that by signing up I have joined the Rah Rah Yay Tuck Virtual Cheerleading Team (it is, after all, a blog dedicated to convincing people to come to Tuck), but I'm pretty happy about that.  I suppose the experience could all be awful and horrid from here on out, but that seems highly unlikely.  And as a TP myself, when we were grappling with the decision between New Hampshire and Texas, I went to that blog to search for the experiences of other TPs. I found some entries, many of them a couple years old. What I found helped give me a sense of the experience, and what life at Hanover might actually be like. For example, one post provided a run-down of the different grocery stores in the area. I know that sounds totally boring but when you're considering moving to a town of 10,000 people this is the sort of stuff that's reassuring to know; or a perspective on winter and what sorts of things we can do (other than sit around complaining about it being so damn cold).

But as helpful as those were to read, the pickings were slim and there's almost nothing about life at Tuck with kids.  So, I'm hoping to change that. We'll see how it goes. It may mean I end up posting here even less frequently. Or maybe there will be enough cool stuff to write about, and enough free time to actually write it out. Life is all about ebb and flow, and blogging has been ebbing for a while now and I'm kinda ready to get my blog mojo back.


  1. yay for you -- and all the readers! :)

  2. I'm so happy for you and your family. My husband interviewed at tuck and has many friends there. I attended undergrad in the area and love that region. I think it's amazing that you're jumping right into the community. I respect that. Too many spouses don't get involved and miss out.



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