Friday, December 07, 2012

stressing for no good reason

Quinn's upcoming birthday has been stressing me way out and I do not understand why.  Usually I'm so low-key about birthdays- pull a small party together, fun, whatever. No big deal.  But for some reason this year I'm all in a tizzy.  I have a tendency for indecisiveness and it is in full force right now, I guess.  I'm wigging out about every detail about the small, casual, absolutely-no-need-to-freak-out-about-it party we're having this weekend.  I've also had a hell of a time making Quinn's birthday slideshow, particularly picking a good song for it.  I have some homework to do before making Donovan's in a couple months...  At least I feel pretty good about my plans for Quinn's cake, so hopefully that turns out for me.

It may not help that we leave for Texas just a few days after Quinn's birthday.  I'm psyched about spending 3 weeks with family and catching up with our Austin friends, but I'm also worried about prepping & packing; about the long voyage from New Hampshire to Texas (10+hours of travel, people...god help us); about leaving our car in a parking lot for 3 weeks and whether we'll come back to it a) covered in snow, b) not starting, or c) both.  I'm sure it'll all be fine, but... still.

In happier news, we met up with friends tonight to check out the Dartmouth Christmas tree lighting and other activities downtown.  Despite the light sleet, it was a pretty great evening-- the tree was very pretty, we got to see a really cool train set that Donovan and his buddy Ethan were super into, and the boys got to meet the Grinch.  We even managed to end the night with some pizza and minimal meltdowns.  Woot!

Here's hoping this weekend and the week ahead go smoothly, and all my fretting turns out to be for naught.

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  1. stopbullyingquotes I completely agree-writing everything down makes it all seem so silly, and if it’s not silly, it helps to get it down on paper and try to let it go. I have a tendency to look at the big big picture too much and get very anxious for no good reason. As a student, I get stressed out with whatever the semester is doing. So I tell myself to only worry about what’s immediately in front of me. I also drink tea, keep hydrated, and have enrolled (for credit) in a yoga class as extra motivation



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