Sunday, April 03, 2011

looking forward

The rain has finally stopped, and we've had GORGEOUS weather here lately.  Much, much appreciated.  Even if we don't make it outside for the day, the sunshine streaming in through the windows makes me happy.  It also makes for much better photos, which also makes me happy. ; )

It feels like we're at an awkward stage with Quinn-- he's past the "newborn" stage where breastfeeding almost always made him happy, and he'd usually fall asleep easily in my arms (getting him out of them was another issue, but that's beside the point).  Now he's much more alert and aware, yet he's still not able to do a whole lot of anything, and I think also gets bored easily, so requires near-constant entertainment.  More and more often he'll nurse for a few minutes, then pull off, smile, and then after a few minutes start fussing at me.  He has happy periods that are AWESOME, he'll be so incredibly cute and happy, smiling and giggling, and while relatively short in duration they do help make up for it.  Zach and I have also been making a point to watch funny shows at night (The Office, Top Gear, Modern Family) as we can usually really use a good laugh by the end of the day.

This is as advanced as his "playing" skills are at the moment.  And this still requires a good bit of luck. 
"Sup? C'mon, how can you stay annoyed at this face?"
Several times in the past week people have cooed over Quinn, then commented to me how much they miss their babies being this young.  I know what they mean, but at the same time I want to remind them of the exhaustion, the lack of sleep, the sheer number of hours in the day spent trying to soothe a crying baby.  I'm sure I'll one day miss this, too... though I'm thinking it will be many, many years down the road.

I am looking forward to these two growing up together, though, and being able to play more:

A few other things I'm looking forward to in the near-ish future:
  • Our family trip to Tahoe in August. This year my older sister, brother-in-law, and my uber-adorable red-haired nephew will be joining us.  WOOT!
  • A trip to Texas to visit family in July.  I'm both really excited about this trip, and also a bit nervous about traveling with both kids for the first time.  Especially since there are no non-stop flights.  But, I'm sure it'll be fine, right?  Right?
  • MY IPHONE!  I'll be eligible for a phone upgrade in a month and a few days, and I will finally be joining the Modern Age and getting my own smartphone (my delayed "birth present" if you will).  I am counting down the days.  It's a bit ridiculous how excited I am.  Right now I'm semi-obsessively searching for The Best Case to keep my preciousss my future phone protected.  


  1. The otter box!!! Best case.

  2. Really go back and look how much little Quinn has changed already! I do hope things get easier for you. I think we are approaching the harder stage soon, but who knows. Our little miss seems to be pretty easy going and even lets me do some things on the computer, so I can't complain except for how complicated US taxes are!



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