Friday, October 15, 2010

and there was much rejoicing

My sister had her baby yesterday!!!

I won't say much about the birth because that's her story to tell (and while I know it might take a few weeks/months to get around to writing it, I CANNOT WAIT to read the whole thing) but I will say that I am so very proud of my big sister, she is a total rock star, and she birthed one of the most beautiful little baby boys EVER.  =)

Now I'm just upset that I can't be there, and that I likely won't get to meet this little guy for a while.  I'm also dying to practice taking newborn pictures with him!  But, I'll just have to wait... I am excited about how our babies will be just 2 months apart in age, how cool is that? =P

And now, after getting my fill of pictures on Facebook, I must tear myself away from new-baby thoughts and get us packed and ready for a weekend getaway with a few friends.  Busy morning ahead...

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