Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have I mentioned that I hate mosquitoes?

Disclaimer: I am typing from a weird keyboard at my parents' house, and I'm anticipating lots of typos. Sorry in advance.

So we're here, in Texas... have been for several days now.  Zach, D, and I arrived a little before midnight on Thursday night. The flights went pretty well, D only whined a little despite being up pretty late.  The main purpose for this trip was a family reunion in honor of the passing of my grandfather one year ago, so most of the weekend was dominated by that.  The spirit was surprisingly up-beat. with uncles and aunts gushing over my and Criss's pregnant bellies, and my grandmother even wearing bright colors and florals and marveling at how amazing and wonderful it was to see her whole family (children, grandchildren, and even a great-grandchild with 2 more on the way), all a product of the marriage between her and Grampa.

On Sunday my 2 step-sisters hosted a joint baby shower for Criss and I.  It was small, mostly family, but lots of fun.  We each got some new clothes for our bebes.  We did also manage to squeeze in some family bonding time with a shopping trip to South Congress (including my fave store ever, Parts & Labour) and an evening jaunt to Spiderhouse (I've almost forgotten how nice warm Texas summer nights can be-- and being able to sit outside without a sweater and not be cold!)

Zach, Criss, and her hubby all left to go back home Sunday afternoon, and Jen was back off to SF on Monday. Since then we've been mainly hanging out here, me taking lots of naps and Donovan being entertained by his grandparents and niece.  It's been nice. =)

You know what else has been nice? So far I've only taken about 150 pictures. I didn't even grab my DSLR from its bag till Sunday (normally by now I would've worked my way through my first 2gig memory card).  It's kind of liberating to sit back more and not worry so much about capturing every moment.  Of course, I will probably get yelled at by *ahem* certain family members for not taking enough pictures. ; )

What's not so nice?  MOSQUITOES.  Both D and I have bites all up and down our legs and arms. He even has matching bites on each cheek.  I've tried to make sure he's covered in bug spray anytime he goes outside, but don't always get to him in time (or expect the bugs to be out and biting).  At least they don't seem to be bothering him hardly at all... mine, instead, itch like the dickens.


  1. (As long as other people are taking photos, I'm cool :P )

    The tea tree oil really works for me. Rub the oil on the bites (in a circular motion) and they stop itching. I've been bitten several times, but I don't have any itchy bites on me. (I put some on D's nasty bites Sunday, and I think it helped with some. That big, red bite on his cheek didn't seem to get any better, though... )

  2. ugh, mosquitoes. but i guess they're as much of a part of summer as anything else. :)



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