Thursday, March 05, 2009


I'm still shopping shopping around for a car seat, as I would like to get one that lasts up to 65lb (or whenever he outgrows the height limit, which apparently usually happens before the weight), and it would be nice to have a seat for each car so we can use the (more efficient) Fit as often as possible. So far I'm liking the Scenera-- it seemed easy enough to install, feels sturdy (need to make appt to get it checked by pros, tho), and D seemed to like it when I took him out in it today. I'm still utterly baffled by the lack of information on safety ratings. I signed up for a 1 month membership to the Consumer Reports website b/c they claimed to have crash test ratings, but the little information they had online seemed worthless (had a single crash test scale for all of about 3 convertible car seats). I just don't understand how this information is not out there. I have no problem with paying for better safety, but I also don't see the point of paying 4 or 6 times the money for something when I don't have any data on whether or not it's actually safer. I'm tempted to either go super simple (maybe just get another Scenera) or if I'm gonna look at spending more, go all-out for something like this. I know that doesn't necessarily make sense but then again a lot of this car seat shopping business doesn't, either. Sometime this weekend I plan to make it over to a bookstore and read the Baby Bargains chapter on car seats again (my copy's lent out currently) and see what they say. Their advice always seemed pretty trustworthy so I'm curious to see what they have to say.

For now, I'm going to bed. But first, to appease Cristina, here's a cute photo of D (see, even he's confused and concerned about the lack of information on the safety of his car seats).


  1. Yay! (For cute photos, not for the lack of car-seat safety info.)

    The videos helped, too. Walking!!!! (And teeter-tottering!!!)

    Can you go to the companies themselves and get safety ratings from them (once you pick out a car seat you like, contact the manufacturer)? You'd figure the companies with good safety ratings would be happy to share that information.

  2. I found USA Baby was a great place to shop for car seats. The guy really knew his stuff and I found a great seat. They even let me take the floor samples to the car to try out.
    Britax is a great brand; Ryan's uncle Daniel had one and he has the bone disorder making him very fragile. If it can protect him, it would be perfect for a normal baby. Might check Cali's laws on how long kids must be in 5-point harnesses. Washington is much stricter than Texas.

  3. Just wanted to say hi and that your photographs are beautiful. :)



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